how does this work?

We take over the complete handling of internet sales for you. Starting with the data preparation, the lists in all important sales platforms in over 30 countries up to the sales transaction.

Your IT only provides us with your product data via csv file. We collect this data online and transfer it automatically to our powerful server.

After a thorough review of this data, we will list your items in all relevant sales platforms in over 30 countries.

The data is constantly updated by us, so that every publication is always up to date. In case you inform us through this csv file that an item is temporarily not available for sale, this item will automatically be taken offline on all platforms until you report resale.

In the case of a sale, we wait until a payment is received. Customers can choose between different payment methods, e.g. Paypal / credit card or prepayment. In addition, there is also an affiliated Internet bank, over which we offer the payment methods „on account“, „installment payment“ and „immediate transfer“. These payment methods will only be released after an online credit check of the customer. If the credit rating is positive, we will receive the invoice amount immediately and the finacial transaction is done for us. The customer then pays the invoice amount plus fee, depending on the agreement, directly to the bank.

After we have the payment safe you will receive a delivery note from us, which you understand as our order. Then you deliver within the delivery period agreed between us.

You create your bill to us as we settle according to the agreement.

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